Handsome Biscuit



2511 Colonial Ave
Park Place - Norfolk, VA 23517


Mon - Sun / 8am - 2pm
Fri & Sat open til 9pm


FACEBOOK - /handsomebiscuit
INSTAGRAM - #handsomebiscuit
TWITTER - @handsomebiscuit

We do not have a phone.


If you are planning lunch for a group of 10 or more please email us the day prior. Or roll the dice and see what happens. All we can guarantee is that we will be nice and try to make you happy. Our space is very small, we have 12 seats so larger orders are generally To Go style.

For orders larger than 25 sandwiches, we are gonna have to pull the reins. We're hoping to get a bigger kitchen to satisfy all of our catering requests. Until then, sit tight!

For plain sweet potato biscuits, we sell them by the dozen if you email us a day in advance. If you just want 2 or 3, then ask and we'll make your day. For a half dozen, we'll consult the bones.


David Hausmann - instagram / tumblr
John Porter


Field Guide
429 Granby St
Downtown Norfolk VA 23510

2406 Colonial Ave
Norfolk VA 23517
across the street and 1 block south of the Biscuit

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make a reservation?
Short answer is No, but you can tell us you are coming! We operate off of a queue and only have 12 seats inside, plus our patio seats about 24.

Can I make a large order?
Any orders bigger than 10 sandwiches and we like a heads up. Email us the day before to keep things smooth.

Do you have a telephone?

Do you offer catering?
Yes, please click here.

Do you have Gluten Free biscuits?
No. Currently we are not developing a gluten free biscuit but many people get the sandwich sans biscuit which makes it something different but they are still happy!

Do you have vegetarian/vegan options?
Yes to vegetarian and vegan is going to be only the seared greens but they are damn good!